Thailand in a nutshell



Travel period: February 12-19, 2019

We truly believe there are beautiful places in Thailand. Unfortunately, we have not seen them since we spent our week solely in Pattaya. The area that is not representing the best of Thailand. I hope, at least. Why on Earth did we choose such a place? We were tired and wanted to stay in one place for a while before flying to Melbourne. Originally, we planned to spend it in Bangkok. However, 40 °C and prices for a hotel in a good location with a decent pool convinced us to look elsewhere. Pattaya is located just between the border and the airport and was easy to reach and offered us a lovely apartment building with impressive pools. Perfect for writing our blog and working on our plans for other countries, especially buying air tickets and book places in French Polynesia. Unfortunately, (but still in line with our expectations) there was nothing to remember apart from the apartment. Not even food, really. So sad. 


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What we will remember is an unbelievable queue at the Thailand border. I think it was more than two hours, at least. In Cambodia, we bought the ticket only to the border, and we had to figure out how to get to our destination. Not easy. Some blogs advised a place where the bus station is, but we found nothing there. Luckily, while lost in the middle of a huge local market, we run into a building with a sign Tourist Police. After some hesitation, we opened the door. And got a 5-star help. They not only pointed us to the right place but even took us there by car and showed us where to buy a ticket. Lovely and very much appreciated it was really far to walk in the heat a backpack. 




Places we visited:

Poipet / Aranyaprathet (Cambodia / Thailand border) -> Pattaya -> Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) Airport




Our costs for one week in Thailand


Rental of a studio in a new apartment complex with pools 900 THB per day (28 USD)


Bus Poipet to Pattaya 250 THB pp (8 USD)

Bus Pattaya to Bangkok airport


Street food or cheap restaurant 50 – 100 THB (2 – 4 USD)

In total, both of us, without any inbound flight tickets, insurance, or other special costs, for our eight days in Thailand, we spent 11,700 THB = 360 USD. That makes daily average per person equal to 730 THB = 23 USD. 


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