Kon Tum – True Vietnamese getaway



January 22-26, 2019

Kon Tum – getting there

While still in Da Nang, we asked in our hotel for a bus ticket reservation to Kon Tum. Their reaction was: “Kon Tum? Are you sure? Why? Nobody goes to Kon Tum”. Then we knew we picked the right place. One of the reasons for the visit was indeed its location on the way to Laos. But another truth is, that place was the best we visited in Vietnam.


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We did not sleep well on the bus, so when we got “kicked out” in the city at 4 o’clock in the morning, we would not call it a fresh start of the new day. On the other hand, having a coffee (cà phê) at the bus station with locals when the sun is rising in an unknown city was absolutely cool. We also had a chance to see the morning market. I mean really morning, at five or so, not like in Europe at 9 or so. Without this night trip, I would never wake up so early to see it.



A little bit later, we were able to drop our bags in the Window hotel (400,000 VND) and went to explore other food and coffee options. We tried the Indochine Hotel Cafe, which looks nice and posh, and even prices are almost like anywhere else. However, the service is absolutely terrible. But there are plenty of good spots for coffee, e.g., Mesa Bakery and Coffee, to name at least one. We also explored a few city’s sights, like churches Nhà Thờ Phương Nghĩa and Tan Huong.




Meeting locals

Being an almost only tourist has excellent perks in the way of meeting Vietnamese hospitality. It happened more than once that when we went for a meal, local people wanted us to taste something and then paid for us. Which was super sweet. Of course not because of money (food is very cheap anyway) but as a nice gesture. And this is the way how we met Kan, who actually worked in the same hotel as we stayed. Together with his colleague He they become our very kind companions, guides, and friends for the next few days in Kon Tum. We owe them a lot for tasting great food, knowing more about the city and life in Vietnam, and seeing a few sights around the city on their motorbikes together.



Sights around

If some points that are worth to visit should be mentioned separately, then we would pick Pa Sy Waterfall picnic and ecotourism area, nearby minority villages, or barbecue at Beer To Nuong Ngoi. We also could join a special local celebration and enjoy an endless palette of local food. We were pretty busy for a place that was supposed to be without significant sights, and we enjoyed our four nights there on maximum. 


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