Mongolian cuisine


Unfortunately, and I regret to say that, Mongolian food is usually terrible. It does not mean they don’t know how to cook but it is more about what they cook. Due to the climate and huge pastures, their cuisine is based on meat, primarily mutton, yak and horse. Since Mongols don’t eat young ones, the meat could be sometimes strong in taste (mutton case). Other important part are dairy products such as aaruul (dried cheese), yoghurt,  yak butter and of course airag (fermented horse milk). The cuisine is quite heavy and not much for vegetarians. The supply of fruits and vegetable, especially out of towns, is short. We had a lot of Mongolian dishes, but truth is, cuisine won’t be the thing to remember Mongolia. We sometimes ran off into Korean cuisine, which is very popular in Ulaanbaatar and also our favourite one.



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