Sleeping in a capsule hotel


October 11, 2018

One of the must-do experiences in Japan is to stay in a capsule hotel. Since we didn’t try it during our Tokyo-Ósaka-Kyoto-Hiroshima trip three years ago, it came to a realisation this time. After exhausting 2-days hitchhike/train travel from Kushiro to Sapporo, we booked Capsule Inn (2,000 JPY pp with breakfast). However, there are few restrictions. Among others, this type of hotel is male only and people with tattoos are not allowed (this is usual ban in baths). The hotel is not well marked with a logo in the Latin alphabet. There is an only small plate on the main door.



The hotel

After entering the capsule hotel, we had to take off our shoes and put on slippers from a shelf. But it is a traditional rule in many accommodations or public baths (onsens). Usually, they have only small sizes, in which we had heels on the floor. Lockers were just behind the doormat. As soon as we did a check-in procedure, we received towels and yukata, which is a light kimono. Breakfast is included, so we got also a voucher.  It’s possible to choose between McDonald’s and Mister Donut. Since we are a sweet tooth, the choice was obvious.



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We went to our capsules on the 3rd floor. There was a changing room with lockers for all belongings, bathroom with a few sinks, toiletries to take, drinking water and toilets. The sleeping room consists of about 40 capsules. Since it was a bit late, some guys slept already. We changed and went to the last floor to take a bath in the onsen. How does it work in it, you can read in another article. After that, it’s possible to make a rest in an amusement room. There were comfy chairs, TV and plenty of comic books or newspapers to borrow. And of course, like elsewhere in Japan, vending machines with a wide selection of drinks and snacks can be found. They also had a space for smokers.



Time to sleep

The area with capsules looks like a giant beehive or a spacecraft, and it’s funny to observe the bustle how guests are crawling in and out. The pod itself was like a tiny hotel room and had everything you need except plenty of space, obviously (nothing for people with claustrophobia). Smoking and eating in the capsule are prohibited. There was a comfy mattress precisely for one person, a soft pillow and a good blanket. You can charge your mobile and place it on a shelf. For entertainment, we had radio and TV. Porn channel available, but genitals covered. How sad 🙂 Both types of equipment with headphones to not disturb other guests. Wifi is also available everywhere in the hotel. For privacy there was only rolling shade, so for soft sleepers earplugs are obligatory.



The morning was a bit busy, while budget businesspeople often use this accommodation. In any case, it is a good budget option, we slept well and enjoyed it.

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