Bohol island – Chocolate hills and more



December 25-29, 2018

We knew it would be hard to beat the atmosphere of the Siquior island. But it did not stop us from exploring. Our way to Leyte led via Bohol, and we dedicated to exploring the island for a few days. The connection between Larena and Tagbilaran is easy, just about one hour ride on a speed ferry. We secured our tickets in advance (757 PHP pp).



Based on what we read about Bohol, we rather skipped the popular Alona beach area and made our base for three nights in Loboc. That probably was not the best decision. We did not like our accommodation in Villa Feliza. The town was very sleepy, and the only attraction was floating restaurants – full of tourists and rather expensive, so we did not participate in this. At the evening there were only two places to eat, pizza on the main square and a window with burgers and hotdogs but both were decent. However, once we rented a motorbike, we found Bohol such a pretty lovely island.


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Pictures of Chocolate hills are beautiful, but the reality is a little bit worse. One specific hill from where all photos are taken is full of people. No surprise, it is the number one attraction. But driving from there to Carmen and then to Jagna and back to Loboc along the coast was amazing. The road, nature and people, all were awesome. Unfortunately, one day was not enough for everything, and we did not have time to visit sanctuary with cute little monkeys. Maybe next time. 



Ferry to Leyte

The last day we had to get to Ubay from where the ferry is leaving to Bato city in Leyte. (1,050 PHP). We waited in Loay for a bus in the morning and hoped we could catch a ferry to Bato the same day. The first impression of Ubay was not perfect. It was a somehow sad and grey city. All was multiplied by a cloudy sky. Once we found ferry terminal, we were told no boats are leaving today because of cyclone threat. And probably also not tomorrow. OK, what can we do? We found a quite nice accommodation near the port, found ATM had a burger then got a sweet treat and relaxed a bit. Looking back, and seeing the stall and conditions, we are really surprised we have survived that mango float.

At the night what used to be an ugly parking spot in the centre of the city had transferred to a couple of nice eateries. And we almost started to like the city. Early morning we went to check the port. There was still a sign no ferries today, and we were told the same. However, everything is unstable in the Philippines we went to check again around 10 pm. And were told to come at noon to get tickets. Cool, there was a sign of light for the day. Indeed, when we arrived at 11:30 to the desk, they sold us tickets for a boat at 2 pm. It was around 1:15 pm when the boat left. Luckily, we were on board 😉


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