Limasawa – a hidden gem



December 29, 2018 – January 1, 2019

There is no doubt about it. This little island called Limasawa is one of our favourite places on Earth. It is a tropical piece of paradise lost somewhere in Philippines waters. I know, I know, more we write about it, less it to be a paradise. Luckily, only a few people read our blog 🙂 


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I don’t recall how we learned about the island if we saw first the accommodation on AirBnB and decided to go there or vice versa. Not really important. Even getting to the island was fun. First, we missed morning ferry and were supposed to wait till 4 pm (or something like that). To our surprise, we were not only tourists going there. So we teamed up with two Taiwanese guys and few Filipino bikers and hired a boat. In the middle of the journey, it started to rain like hell, so we even had more fun than we wished for. Once we anchored and dried up, we found the only open canteen on the island, had a great lunch and hired a tricycle to get us to our accommodation. 



Where to stay on Limasawa

Island Lagoon Resort isn’t what you usually imagine under the term “resort”. But it was a fantastic place where locals or some tourists spend time, relax and entertain themselves. There are even two small cottages with five small and super simple rooms with electricity to stay overnight. That is where we stayed for three days. Totally alone. The resort also has two toilets, a water reservoir and a “lobby” where you can buy a few things. When open. Which was not our case.



It was a New Year period, so the island was even more sleepy than usual and we sometimes struggled to get some proper food, but we survived. Either Resort owners gave us something, or we found opened canteen, or we managed to buy a tin of tuna and crackers in a mini shop. Our speciality was noodle soup filled with cold water since we had no stove or electric kettle.

Because of the New Year’s Eve, villagers invited us to their celebration party. It was truly attentive from them. We were kind of special guests, and we really appreciated their hospitality. It looked like everybody had a good time during the celebration. Unfortunately, the weather was not considerate, and at 10 pm it started to rain heavily, and at 11 pm everybody was almost gone. Still, it was a perfect night and we are still very grateful.



During the few days on Limasawa, we managed not only to do nothing and stay alone at the resort but also discover the island, especially the area where the first Christians landed and set up the first cross in the Philippines (the are 450 stairs to reach the cross). Therefore the island is known for its historical importance, not only for its beauty.  We hope to come back one day to see how and if this tiny island changed. 


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