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If you say Japanese cuisine, probably everybody thinks of sushi. But this is only a small part of the huge selection. It’s a big industry, and first of all part of the culture. An obsession maybe. Locals really like to eat outside, so there is an eatery, restaurant, sushi bar, or only a small stall everywhere. If you have a few money, you literally can’t die of starvation. As we found out, the amount does not have to be big. Since we were on a budget, we usually went to eateries. For about 600-800 JPY you get ramen or some basic rice dish, usually with water or tea for free. We also discovered a really bargain option. Every day at 7 pm they placed a 30-50% discount on all ready-to-eat dish in supermarkets. Don’t worry, everything is prepared that day. That’s why we could have sushi more often. We would love to have a running sushi (kaitenzushi) instead every day but it is pricier. However, still way cheaper than in Europe. Also the selection of fish is much much wider anywhere. And much more fresh. Though we spend in Japan more than two months, we tried only a small part of what their cuisine offers. Here are some examples:



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